Numarul 1 in mutari mobila in Cluj


S.C Mutanţii S.R.L. – the name says it all!

We always tried to put ourselves in a situation where you have to change the place of business or domicile. Without intention to make it sound like advertising, we consider a move is the most delicate moment in the life of a person or of a company. The move means you trust in the company staff that will help you to start your daily activities without interruption and lost time. For this, we are here!
Do you have a problem? We’ll move it!

  • Moving furniture and personal items
  • Pianos and upright pianos
  • Ridding homes
  • Headquarters relocation
  • Divided storage in Gilău near Cluj
  • 1800 square meters, divided in different sizes
  • Guarded
  • Available to customers every day of the week!
  • Rate: 10 square meters: 250 lei / month
Maintenance / montage
  • Remove and installing lighting lamps
  • disconnection-plugging of gas hobs and ovens
  • disconnection-plugging of water washing machines
  • Remove and installing blinds and curtains
  • Remove and assembling furniture

International services

Mutantii SRL offers moving services anywhere in Europe!

You can confidently call our moving services in and outside the country.
We already have experience with moves to/out of England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary.

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