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Should you own a home generator for power outages? 

What are some of the main safety issues with powering your home by a generator during a power outage? Should you use a particular type of generator?

How can you protect your family during lightning storms?

What are some of the major dangers of lightning storms? How can you be sure that you have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your home

How much does rewiring a house or new house generally cost?  

How do you know if your house needs to be fully rewired? How can you be sure that your electrician is being honest with you about the costs?

How can you safeguard your home against winter electrical hazards?

Are holiday decorations the only seasonal electrical danger to your home? What other types of seasonal electrical dangers could be lurking around your home?

How can you stay safe from electrical hazards during a storm?

Are floods dangerous in terms of carrying electrical currents? How should someone report downed power lines in their neighborhood?

What are the differences between LED, CFL, and halogen lights?

Which one is the best for office work? Which one is the best for general home use? Should you replace all of the lights in your home with a single type of bulb?

How much power is necessary to run the average home? 

How can solar panels on the home cut down on the amount of power necessary from the power company? What are some practical ideas for cutting down on your home’s energy consumption?

How can you responsibly recycle electrical wiring waste?

Why should a homeowner replace the halogen bulbs in their home? What should halogen bulbs be replaced with?

Give step by step guide to replacing halogen bulbs in your home.

Why should a homeowner replace the halogen bulbs in their home? What should halogen bulbs be replaced with?

What are the safety precautions for electricity for kids?

Make sure that your child does not handle any electrical equipment with wet hands or near water.


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