We all know what a delicate moment in everyone’s life is that of a move. Here we intervene – we take this burden on your shoulders. With experience from 2007, we have seen and moved all possible things: furniture, personal things, home appliances, pianos and pianos, even large concert, church bell, safes, jacuzzis, construction materials, sanitary items, medical equipment from MRI to ultrasound and many more.

We have never give up and we have finished all the jobs with our own forces, with cranes, forklifts, pulleys, and since April, and the new elevator car outfitted by our car park. All this is done after a well-established plan.

Step 1: Evaluation

Once we pick up your order, we’ll set up a meeting at the place where the move takes place. A representative of the firm will move on the spot and will highlight all the goods to be moved. Based on the evaluation, we will send you the price offer within 48 hours (usually the same day).

Step 2: Schedule

If our offer appealed to you, we’re going to the facts … we’re making the move and we start the fun.

Pasul 3: Packaging

Office and IT items or kitchen utensils are recommended to be packed in boxes and clothing can be packed in household bags or only on the hanger, with the possibility of using the wardrobe boxes that we can provide. To significantly reduce costs, this can be done by yourself.

Moving bulky objects uses stretch film that we always have on us. Also, the largest bodies such as matrimonial beds or wardrobes larger than the two-door, will be dismantled by our team and will then be mounted in the new location.

We can also provide packing boxes, stretch foil, bubble wrapping, all of which can be delivered by us to the home or client’s home before moving if we do not pack the objects.

Step 4: Move

On the day and time previously set, a team (or more if needed) within the company will go to the address and start the furniture wrapping operation. Follow their descending and loading into our large volume machines. At the furniture destination or objects will be placed in the rooms and positions indicated by the customer (placement in place only once). Once everything is completed and the furniture is arranged in the indicated and remounted place, payment is made. This can be done in cash or by bank transfer (in treasury, if applicable).

International moves

Our company has over 10 years experience in the field of moving both in Romania and abroad. We offered international relocation services at favorable prices in: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, Holland, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain.

From advice on how to pack and the necessary documents to move yourself we can help to do this, complicated for some, as a Sunday walk for us.

All this with:

  • specially prepared cars for real-time GPS moves and drivers with many years of experience in the field
  • freight insurance, type CMR of EUR 10,000 (with possibility to increase)
  • întocmire documente necesare
  • preparation of necessary documents
  • împachetare mobilier cu demontare și remontare dacă este cazul, împachetare în cutii sau saci a bunurilor personale, haine, cărți, veselă și nu numai
  • packing furniture with dismantling and refitting if necessary, packing in boxes or bags of personal belongings, clothes, books, dishes and not only
  • exterior lift to move the packages to higher floors

Exterior lift

With the possibility of climbing up to (usually) the 6th floor and loading capacity of the platform up to 300kg, we offer you the easiest solution to get your building materials, sanitary items or furniture into your home.

Find out more about lift, including rates.



Each has renovated at least once the home to make it more comfortable. Having furniture in the apartment while doing a renovation, can be a pain (pull it in the middle, pull it to the wall, without enough space). We can help you in such situations with storage areas in Gilau – one of 1800 m2, and another 780 m2. In the big one we also have compartmented speakers from which you will receive a key and access to the client deposit is done on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09-13 with a previous appointment.

For those who move from outside the country or from another locality and have not yet found or are not ready for their real estate or companies that are undergoing a change of furniture process, we are the ideal solution.

The warehouse is located at the entrance to Gilau (from Cluj), very close to the highway in a carefully guarded, easily accessible hall.

Storage prices (10 square feet, 35 cubic meters): 350 lei + VAT / month

Sună-ne pentru ofertă!
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